CE Position in Sales and Marketing

We have a Community Employment position available in Sales and Marketing here at Athlone Community Radio. Please read the Job spec below.
This is a developmental opportunity, no experience necessary. Accredited training will be provided to support your career. Duties will include the following:

  • Assisting with market research
  • Gathering statistics
  • Updating Social Media and Website
  • Assisting with developing and driving membership strategy
  • Selling ads for Broadcast
  • Performing cold calls to get the attention of possible clients
  • Visiting businesses to inquire about advertising sales
  • Building relationships with clients
  • Understanding the needs of each client
  • Using statistics in sales pitches
  • Focusing on growing existing accounts and acquiring new clients
  • Making sales presentations
  • Walking door-to-door and solicit business
  • Presenting sample ads to the client

Please contact your local DSP Employment Services/Intreo Office to check your eligibility and to apply for this vacancy. Job Reference Number will be required. Eligibility to participate on CE is generally linked to those who are 21 years or over for the Childcare, Health and Social Care sectors and 25 years of age or over for all other areas. Applicants must also be in receipt of an Irish social welfare payment for 1 year or more.
If you meet the requirements apply via Jobs Ireland website by clicking here.

For enquiries and more details, visit our facebook page.