Shaving for a cause

Our very own volunteer Fintan O’Toole will be shaving his hair and beard for a great cause “Jacinta’s Smile”, as he puts it in his own words:

“So the date has been set, after an intense second of deliberation I have decided to title this scalping “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”. Next Wednesday (12th of April) it all goes down, or off. I have managed to convince my landlord, who has had a beard for the last 15 years to join me in this depilating deviation. If any of you reading this would like to donate a Euro or two please go to

You will be contributing to a cause that means a lot to those who need it. Love and respect to my sisters for being true earthbound angels. Dig deep folks”

Here’s are some BEFORE pictures from Fintan. Watch this space for the AFTER photo: