Right of reply

BAI Right of Reply Scheme

The Scheme, which came into effect from May 4, 2011, provides for the broadcast of a Right of Reply Statement that facilitates the correction of incorrect information which has been broadcast and which has resulted in a person’s honour or reputation being impugned. The Scheme details the process for exercising a Right of Reply and the manner in which the public can utilise this process. The BAI has developed the Scheme further to the requirements of the Broadcasting Act, 2009 and it is intended to provide an opportunity for a person to exercise his/her right to the correction of incorrect information without recourse to legal proceedings which may prove time-consuming and costly. Decisions by a broadcaster to refuse such requests can be reviewed by the BAI’s Compliance Committee.

In welcoming the publication of the Scheme, the BAI’s Chief Executive Michael O’Keeffe said, “A Right of Reply is about the correction of incorrect facts or information. However, the Scheme does not provide for the broadcast of an alternative or contrary opinion. In other words, a person may not be satisfied with the manner in which a broadcaster has relayed information about him/her, but a Right of Reply will not be granted unless the facts or information are factually incorrect such that their honour or reputation has been impugned.”
You can access a copy of the Right of Reply Scheme in English by clicking the following link : RIGHT OF REPLY SCHEME

How to submit a request for a Right of Reply to Athlone Community Radio
A request for a Right of Reply should be made to the Athlone Community Radio Station Manager by post to the below address :

Athlone Community Radio
Business Development Centre
Parnell Sq
Co. Westmeath

Or by email: manager@athlonecommunityradio.ie