The Deserted Village

Poetry lovers and those interested in the writings of Oliver Goldsmith will be love Athlone Community Radio’s latest documentary “The Deserted Village” which has been made with the assistance of the BAI scheme “Sound and Vision”.

The documentary combines the biographical framework of the poet’s life together with the great appeal of “The Deserted Village” while using the Goldsmith Country as a vehicle for unfolding the story. Oliver Goldsmith is a part of our Irish heritage and a very important part of the history of Midlands.

  • Produced and Edited by Irena Cvetkovic
  • Scripted and Narrated by Gearoid O’Brien
  • Read by Clive Darling, Pauline Brophy, Noel Henry, and Seamus McCormack, among others.
  • Contributors include the principal of Tubberclare National School, Mr Oliver Keating accompanied by three of his students: Victoria Farell, Eugenie Dalby and Jamie Blagriff.

Listen to the Deserted Village :