Raising Awareness Strengthening Abilities

This series of programmes explores how people with disabilities overcome the challenges of living with a disability and how they break through these barriers to gain autonomy.
Tune in today Monday at 6.30 pm (repeated Sunday at 2.30 pm).


  • Episode 1 Raising Awareness Strengthening Abilities with Children.
  • Episode 2 Raising Awareness and Strengthening Abilities with Older People.

Producer Erica Follows-Smith
Presenter Jacinta Feehan
Editor Deirdre Hunt
Researcher Erica Follows-Smith
Sound Johnny Gunning and Kyle McCallan
Song “Only you can make the changes” composed and sung by Colin Fahy Music
Artwork Paul McGahey
Design Amanda Gunning


An Athlone Community Radio production funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland through the television license fee.