Street Wise Athlone : Episodes 1 - 6

Street Wise Athlone is 52-part radio series covering history, activities, and memories from streets, estates and areas in and around Athlone.


Below you will find the first 6 episodes of Street Wise Athlone.

Street Wise Athlone: Episode 1 – Athlone Town :  The episode fearure a history piece presented by Gearoid O’ Brien, and interviews with local residents, business owners, politicians, tourists, etc. Another prominent feature is a vox pop recorded on the street where people talk about their memories of the area.

Street Wise Athlone: Episode 2 – Market Square : In this episode, Gearoid O’ Brien talks about Market Day and the history of Father Matthew Hall, Katriona Gillespie tells us about the Luan Gallery, and Liam Kelly talks about Athlone Castle and Athlone Castle Visitors Centre.

Street Wise Athlone: Episode 3 – Main Street : In this episode, Gearoid O’ Brien talks about the history of Main Street, we hear from elite athlete Derek Nugent about TriAthlone, and our very own town crier Anthony Merrigan, as well as passersby telling their memories and impressions of Main Street.

Street Wise Athlone: Episode 4 – Sr. Bernard Quay : In this episode, Gearoid O’ Brien talks about the history of the quays, we hear Shivie Moran talking about The Shannon Queen, and Michael O’Brien tells us about recent changes to the area, as well as passersby telling their memories and impressions of the quays.

Street Wise Athlone: Episode 5 – Left Bank & Bastion Street : In this episode, historian Gearoid O’ Brien talks about Fry Place,, Bastion Street, and Connolly Street. The Bastion Gallery’s Katie McKay speaks about her great-grandfather Michael Kilkelly and Count John McCormack.


Street Wise Athlone: Episode 6 – O’ConnellStreet and Surrounding Streets – In this episode, historian Gearoid O’ Brien talks about O’ Connell Street, Chapel Street, and Goldsmith Terrace. We also hear Mary McLoughlin‘s childhood memories of St Peters National School Athlone. Jarlath MacNamara talks about Patrick S Gilmore’s connection with O’ Connell Street, and we hear people’s memories and impressions, including a moment with Julie Jitterbug Pearce.

Street Wise Athlone is funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.