Current Volunteer Vacancies : JUly 2023


Ever wondered what it would be like to sit behind a microphone and address millions of people? Presenting an entire show is awe-inspiring and we want you to have a first hand experience of it. You’ll get a chance to interact with people sending in their requests and messages. You’ll have the opportunity to meet some seriously talented guests and interview them live, off air or over the phone.

If you think you’ve a good command over speech and if you’re simply trying a new thing, you are welcome. We value a good voice and good intentions equally, therefore don’t let any excuse stop you. Don’t worry if you have no previous experience, full training will be provided. Join our team of experienced presenters and learn from the best. Who knows, you can be the next Chris Evans.


A radio show is not all glitz and glamour; there is some serious hard work that goes into making it an unforgettable experience. In our radio station, we let our volunteer producers plan an entire show, organize everything, create running order, line up all the segments of the show, coordinate with the team and execute an entire programme as they intend in compliance with our guidelines. A producer is the alpha of every show and keeps everything and everyone in check. (Sometimes the job may include calming an anxious presenter before the show 😉

If this authoritative task overwhelms you, do not panic, as our staff will guide you in every step of the way. It’s guaranteed that you’ll start to enjoy this role more than anything in no time. Practice and confidence is the key.


As a community radio, we never comprise on sound. Sometimes it takes a touch of technical assistance to ensure best quality sound experience for our listeners. Join our editing team and work on our up to dated computer systems in a designated editing room. We use Adobe Audition as standard editing software. You can copy, cut and edit the pre recorded radio programmes, reports and snippets, make stimulating promos and transform those dull advertisements into exciting audio commercials, create jingles with the help of an unlimited variety of glossy sound effects and get all sorts of auditory creative.

Practice in a learning environment and get trained by our qualified sound engineers. It’s definitely a skill you can brag about on your LinkedIn account.


Our reporters are the most crucial part of our team. Their first-hand account from the site of occurrence helps us break the news first and stay ahead in the game. If you like to challenge yourself to daring tasks and have a curious mind, this is where you belong. Borrow our advanced audio recorder Zoom H4n and take it with you wherever there is ‘news’.

Cover events and attend ceremonies in your local area and record an interesting radio story. We have fun tasks for our reporters as well; you can chat with people on the street on any inventive topic and record their honest and candid replies. Reporter is a central player in any journalistic field and what better way to see and be part of this amazing town than to report for your community radio.


What good is watching sports on TV when you are making some pretty intellectual commentary without a real audience? With Athlone Community Radio, you have a chance to report live matches and maybe interview the sportsperson you’ve had always admired. You don’t need to be athletic – just eager to gather information. Keep track of fixtures of sporting events near you and have a recorder handy wherever you go. On a plus side, you will get to watch all matches in your area and you never know, they might even let you play with that baseball bat after the match.


No content, no broadcast. That’s the significance of our team of researchers. If you are naturally good at discovering things or you have a knack of searching for answers, join our research team. Help broadcasters create an informative and entertaining programme with authentic facts and figures and help them stay up to date with current events and affairs. Google, old newspaper archives and library books will be your buddies and if you are an inquisitive soul, you’ll look for sources in human form. 



In wise words of Megamind, ‘It’s all about presentation’. As a radio station and an evolving digital magazine, we are diligently working on getting word out about our latest products and creative projects. Along with traditional marketing, we are keeping pace with digital evolution therefore maintaining a necessary social media presence on channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Join our marketing family and be part of creative process of promoting Athlone Community Radio. Social media managers, web managers, photographers, bloggers are always welcomed in this department.

Bonus points to those with prior graphic design experience but don’t worry if you need to polish them PhotoShop skills. Work amongst team of qualified marketers and learn right tools and strategies, analytics and web management if you wish to assist us in advertising our radio through our website. This experience can be a huge help if you need to jump-start your career as a professional digital marketer. So create that sleek portfolio that you have always wanted with our radio station.

If you are interested in Volunteering, our contact details are below :

Email : vol2acr@gmail.com and  info@athlonecommunityradio.ie