The hardest rocking show in Athlone. For Lovers of Hard Rock and Metal, this programme will cater to you. The latest sensations will rub shoulders with classics such as AC/DC and Metallica. A rundown of rock gigs throughout the county and nationwide will advise on what’s happening in this genre of music.

Listen to studio guests discuss their favourite Rock and Metal and join in on some serious head-banging.



This show was created by Fintan’s vast knowledge and admiration of music. Here’s some introductions he made to this show in his own words:

“Welcome one and welcome all. Its nice and sunny out there so why not go sit outside with the beverage of your choice at six o clock and tune into the Atomic Hour. Give your neighbours a pleasant shock as all the leaves fall from the trees”

“Today may be the last time I can rock out in the studio with hair still whipsnapping me in the eyes. Come join me and help mourn the loss. On tonights show we will have an assortment of asskickers, Exhorder, Devil Driver, Blut Aus Nord, Emporer, Deftones, Prodigy and a few surprises as always”

“Only one hour and twenty minutes to go. I suggest planning ahead, gather your comforts and remove fragile objects and opinions. From 6 bells ’till 7 the molecules will align, ricochet and resound. Stress relief for those in need”

“Atomic Hour is now on the prime time slot of Saturday 6-7, so grab a beverage of choice, a neck brace, air drums and that sweet shredding guitar and join me. “When I say Jump you guys Jumpdaf….sorry I mean play and drink all at once. Let us set out as we mean to begin. Sore and sticky”

Today is the new dawn (although evening). The Atomic Hour is now on from 6 to 7 on Saturdays. Now neck limber and empty scream, there is no excuse not to let loose, slamdance, break fast. 
Join me from 6 and don’t forget to get your requests in. Any old rock classics or modern “whatever they are calling it now” hits. I mean that in the best possible way. I can’t keep up with made up genres from the inter-net”