Eugene is a poet, writer, publisher and artist. Since 2009 he has presented and produced a weekly one hour Irish language programme, a number of radio plays and story programmes working with other people’s material such as the Irish language  radio drama “Aibigéal is Ainm Dom” which won a CRAOL Merit Award in 2012. He has been involved in a number of Sound & Vision projects as producer, editor and contributor most recently ‘Seo Ceist’ an Irish language School’s Quiz, as producer, and as contributor to ‘The Orange Door’ both broadcast in 2016 by Athlone Community Radio. Cuireann sé ‘Inniu Inné Amárach’ i láthair gach Domhnach.






Deirdre has been volunteering on Athlone Community Radio since 2013 with considerable experience in research, production, editing, and presenting. .  She has also been involved in researching, producing, presenting & editing a number of ‘Open File’ and ‘On the Couch’ programmes and has also taken a small role in Sound & Vision programmes ‘Ciorcal Celtic’ and ‘Seo Ceist’.  She is a regular guest on ‘Inniu Inné Amarach’ and on occasion has presented the ‘Brekkie Fix’ and other programmes. Deirdre previously worked in the Banking sector, has a Financial Service Degree; is a qualified Life & Business Coach and Trainer; has extensive networking and speaking experience through her work as a Co-ordinator for a  Business Network for Women in Roscommon and through her involvement in Toastmasters, Athlone etc.