Anna Boles – Artist Of The Month


Originally from Dublin and based in Athlone for ten years, Anna Boles is an artist, painter and a graphic designer.

Her commissioned painting “The Bermuda Triangle” featuring Ireland’s oldest pub “The Sean’s Bar” was well-received by people all over the town. When invited as a guest on our show “Coffee Morning”, she talked about her passion for art, exploring variation in her painting styles from portraits to landscapes and transitioning from oil paints to acrylics. Mum of three, she shared how motherhood helps her to stay inspired and how her children have inherited her creative talent.

(To listen to the full podcast of the show, click here: Anna Boles – Coffee Morning).

Having appeared in John Madden’s “On the Couch” recently, Anna spoke of her life before Athlone as well as treading the boards with Athlone Musical Society. Anna also opened up about living with anxiety and how she learned to not let it consume her life.

(To listen to full podcast of this show, click here: Anna Boles – On the Couch)

Her artwork shows her fascination with exaggerated vibrant colors and tiny details as her paintbrush has magnificently captured the true essence of Athlone and it’s historical sites.

You can view some of her work below (click on the image to get full resolution). To know more about the artist and to get in touch with her, you can visit her Facebook page: Anna Boles Art.



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Fintan’s Corner is an Art’s corner, a space to highlight creativity from all around the town of Athlone. This section is created in memory of Fintan O’Toole, our dear beloved volunteer at Athlone Community Radio who was a writer himself and loved arts in all its form. Welcome to Fintan’s Corner or as he would say, “Welcome one and Welcome all”.


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