Songs of the Goddess Within

Episode 1 – Ériu Illuminat featuring Bianca Fachel
Episode 2- Immersed in Lough Lugh featuring Amanda McCallan
Episode 3- Under the Track of the Children of Uisneach
Crossover to the Otherworld) featuring Susanne Wunsch
Episode 4 – Winter Solstice Light featuring Ciara Moran
Episode 5 – Brigid, Goddess of Light featuring Ann Gaffney
Episode 6 -I Have Become My Own Journey featuring Avia Gurman
Episode 7 – Chants featuring Patsy Preston and
voices of past and present Goddesses!

Producer and Editor – Erica Follows – Smith
Presenter – Caroline Coyle
Researcher – Áine O’Regan
Sound Production – Kyle McCallan
Artwork – Frank Sammon

And Special Thanks to Jonathan Callaghan at Swell Audio
and to Uisneach