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‘I want to know ‘– an educational radio programme series involving six primary schools and six professions will be broadcast from May 25th, everyday day from 10am on Athlone Community Radio 88.4fm.
Children from 6th class spent a day with a person of a certain profession, asking questions about what education was needed for their job and what an ordinary day at work looks like. After which each school made a 30 minute long programme.
Cornafulla NS reporters got a chance to see theatre director Harry Smith directing a play in the Athlone Little Theatre, St Mary’s students went to Leinster House to see how TD Gabrielle Mc Fadden ‘s day as a politician looks like, Dean Kelly 6th class went to see their schools’ famous past student and now librarian Gearoid O’Brien, St Peter’s girls found out the what a challenge it is to be a pharmacist , they interviewed local pharmacist Michelle Concannon, Noel Casey as a secondary school principal from Our Lady’s Bower shared his experience with Cornamaddy students and Scoil nag Ceithre Maistri pupils put together a bilingual programme with newspaper editor Sean O’Domhnail from Athlone Topic.
‘We wanted to get genuine questions and conclusions from the 12 year olds about the certain professions so they prepared the entire programmes on their own. I was so proud of all the reporters who participated and besides finding out important information we had great fun making this programme. In the first part they ask their class mates about the certain profession and after actually interviewing the person they reflect on their new knowledge in the last part of the programme. Music intervals in the programmes were provided by the school’s orchestra’ – said Irena Cvetkovic, producer and editor of the programme.
The programme’I want to know’ is supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Sound and Vision funding scheme and will be broadcast everyday at 10am from May 25th until June 3rd, with a replay of all programmes every Saturday from 12.30pm for the next six weeks, starting May 31st on Athlone Community Radio 88.4fm.
The schedule is as followed: St Mary’s NS May 25th, Cornafulla May 26th, Dean Kelly May 27th, St Peter’s May 28th, Scoil nag Ceithre May 29th, Cornamaddy June 2nd and finally a repeat Scoil nag Ceithre June 3rd as they are not in school on the Friday, programmes start at 10 am.

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