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Enjoy your coffee as we bring to you some banter, music and lots of craic to help you jump start your mornings



(Reading Harry Potter multiple times is a prerequisite for this job… just kidding… or maybe not..)

claire hall

History nerd on a life long mission to make everyone realise how cool history is. Love having the opportunity to cover random topics in our Coffee Morning shows and usually manage to find a way to relate them to Harry Potter.


Rida nadeem

Along with creating havoc managing deadlines and running orders, I co-present this show alongside some super women. An ambivert who loves collecting meaningful conversations and acquiring taste of beautiful-sounding words. A Potterhead for life, I draw energy from positive actions and occasionally find myself emotionally invested in multiple tasks and causes I believe in.

jacinta feehan

Journalist who is a bit of a chatterbox! But a good listener too! Have a curious mind with a love of various things! This comes across in shows I am lucky to present, such as Coffee Morning and Athlone Today.

susan xu

With a background in engineering from China, I am a full-time parent here in Ireland. No one is an expert at parenting but experience teaches a lot and to share my own, I present a parenting slot in this show in hope that it brightens the day for a struggling mammy somewhere. Afterall, we are all in this together!

jessica howard

In between frantically googling everything and spending too much time talking, I’m a student who creates a weekly report for The Coffee Morning Show. While I’m also a huge fan of Harry Potter and food particularly Chocolate you’re far more likely to end up hearing me ranting about politics!

Cristina Capdevilla

Originally from Spain, I have been involved in various fields such as politics, baking and marketing. Professionally a cake designer, and mum of three, I present a cooking slot in this show. I enjoy photography, scuba diving, spanish poetry and an engaging political debate.