Teens Looking Forward

“Addiction is not so good

I have no money no more

Everyone calls me a whore

I’d do anything to get some cash

I’d take anything without a doubt

I just want to scream and shout”

From the chorus of “Addiction” (written by Tanya at  17)

In this documentary we glimpse through songs written by a teenager from The Batteries in Athlone giving an insight into some of the real issues teens are facing in contemporary society. The documentary aims to captures the joys, fears, hopes and the amazing strength and ability of this group of teenagers who call “The Batteries” in Athlone their home. This programme was made with the support of the Sound and Vision Broadcasting Scheme, a Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Initiative.


Key contributors are the very talented Tanya Woods, Heather Jones and Shannen Courtney with Kevin Beaumount and Eithne Fallon. Producer & Scriptwriter Catherine Ivers, Editor Amanda Gunning and Sound Engineer Cathal Mc Cormack

“ Teens Looking Forward “ on Athlone Community Radio 88.4fm Monday the 16th of September  at 7pm  as part of TeenScene , The programme for Teenagers by Teenagers .

Or listen in online  www.athlonecommunityradio.ie

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