The Bandmaster – music documentary about Patrick S Gilmore including music from the Band 2 Brigade

The Bandmaster – documentary about forgotten musical superstar Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore ( 1829-1892) who from Ballygar Co.Galway via music lessons in Athlone with a famous Patrick Keating went to America to become the bandmaster who conducted 25.000 musicians, set up Madison Square Garden, wrote famous ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home’ and was the reason for the only visit to America of the famous king of waltz Johann Strauss .
The music is by Band 2 Brigade whose 6 pieces including ‘Emperor Waltz’ and ‘Washington Post’ was recorded and performed exclusively for this documentary.
Contributors: Jarlath McNamara, Gearoid O’Brien, Steve Dillon, Capt Thomas Kelly, Patrick Gilmore and Terry Donovan. Script writer and narrator Jason Gill. Sound Mastering and technician Johnathan Callaghan and Kyle McCallan. Produced and edited by Irena Djak Cvetkovic. This programme is funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland from TV licence fee.

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